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Project Description

SiteNOTE is a simple and powerful solution to maintain web site content. With SiteNOTE CMS (Content Management System), you can manage, update or create the content of your web site, while preserving a consistent look and feel throughout the pages.
Provided with a ready-to use sample website (template), creating your portal is as easy as downloading the package, deploying it on a hosting environment, and configuring it.
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Main features for Designers and Developers

  • Platform: Windows 2003-2008, ASP.NET 2.0+
  • File-based editing, does not require a database, means easy maintenance and increased performance
  • Integrate regular ASP.NET web site with SiteNOTE-based editable content
  • Graphical guidelines easily expressed in CSS, HTML, XSL, XSD, depending on the level of control required
  • Friendly URLs for search engines (SEO optimization)
  • Available modules (picture gallery, FAQ, forms, menus, breadcrumbs, quick poll, ...) can be extended by developers
  • Syndicate and manipulate content through a web service API

Main features for Site Editors

  • Very easy to use, no technical skills required
  • Graphical guidelines assistance and enforcement
  • Role-based security and page-level access rights
  • Preview content while editing
  • Submit and approve content before publishing
  • Share contents across pages
  • Single site structure to easily locate pages in site like visiting users
  • Search engine (Karamasoft's UltimateSearch third party component)

Core features

Core features

Technical features

Technical features


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